Saturday, February 2, 2013


My name is Kate and I'm a Pinterest Addict. I am also a working wife and mother of two kids, a 6 year old boy and my toddling baby girl. And I do actually try some some of the things I pin on Pinterest. Some are crafts, some are DIY projects, most are recipes. 

One day, I was once again looking at the comments of a recipe, seeing everyone comment on how tasty it LOOKED but no one had actually TRIED it. And that was the start of this blog. No one pays me to do this and I don't get any kickbacks or freebies, so all you get is honesty and pics that don't use photoshop. This is my attempt to document what has worked and what didn't. Most of the time there will be pictures as I document the adventures.

Please do not use my photos and claim them as your own. If you re-post a recipe or craft, please credit the original poster/blogger. Thank you 

I hope you enjoy!

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