Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bottled Batter Pancakes - Win

I'm slowly going through everything and realizing how many little Pinterest things I've done! Here's a quicky - pancake batter in a Ketchup bottle.
Yes we've tried it but in a clean BBQ sauce bottle. The hubby made pancakes and had batter left over and I proceeded with my usual "Hey, so I saw this neat thing on Pinterest..." My dear hubby put the remainder of the batter in the bottle. It was great because it gave us all a little variety for breakfast during the week when you can quickly punch out a couple small pancakes during the morning rush out the door. 
Now we usually have a bottle of batter in our fridge! Definite win!

You can also do some fun designs if you are the art-for-breakfast sort of person.

One of the (many) links for this idea and the image is here ...

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