Friday, August 14, 2015

Skinny Sofa Table - Win!

We are slowly turning our new house into a home. It seems like it will take forever, especially now since I'm back to work and 12 hour shifts put a damper on getting stuff done around the house. One week in and it looks like a dust bomb went off in here.


Two of our newest acquisitions to our House to Home Project is a fridge and a pull out couch. The fridge was unplanned. The previous one was making horrible banging noises that were so loud my hubby thought someone was breaking into the house, while freezing half my food and rotting the rest. The POS had to go. 
The couch was a necessary purchase. This house is actually a bit of a downsize for us, going from four bedrooms to three, but since we live significantly closer to family now, having an extra bedroom for visits isn't necessary. But having a spare bed where family and friends can crash is always nice.
With the layout of our new living room being smallish and a bit awkward, we needed to get creative with tables and lighting.
Especially with the lighting, since we have no idea what the switch in the living room actually does.

I came across this Pin from Always Never Done while randomly searching for home inspiration. It was the perfect solution for our problem and really cute too! And all for $25!

Uh, yah. Until my hubby got a hold of the project.

He has inherited his father's ability to take a simple and inexpensive project and turn it into a bank breaking monstrosity. Ok, I'm exaggerating. A bit. When the men in his family do this to these previously simple projects, they do turn out well, and maybe better then the original plan.

So I showed this little table to my hubby and said "wouldn't this be great for behind our new couch?" He agreed, and ventured off one day to the local supply store. I'll spare the details, but way too much money later we have an awesome looking table. So this is more of an 'inspired' pin then one we he actually followed to the letter.

Please excuse my horrid walkway and garden. We're getting it replaced next month!


So the plan went off the rails in a few ways.
One - we got stair case spindles instead of legs.
Two - he added additional supports between all four legs so the wobbly concerns from the original pin are not a problem here.
Three - my hubby decided to do a double top where he could build the table then mount the finished top onto the table and not leave any holes or filled marks.
More complicated? Yes. Still looks good? Yes.

Painting the legs was an absolute pain. If you can get them pre-painted, do it. Or buy spray paint. Otherwise don't look to close at the table. We didn't worry too much since no one will really see the white parts. We also copped out on the stain and bought stain cloths. Worked like a charm! A quick coat of spray sealant for protection and it was done!

The whole table went together in an afternoon and was relatively easy according to my hubby, even with all his modifications. If you stuck to the original, it should be a breeze. With a few decorations and accessories, it's the perfect addition to our living room and doesn't take up a lot of space.

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