Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cloud Bread - WIN

During one of my (many) attempts to eat healthier I came across an interesting item - Cloud Bread. Light, airy, low carb, low on points, etc, etc. Seriously?
So I figured "what the heck" it'll only sacrifice a couple of eggs and if it bombs no harm done. 
Well...it didn't bomb. 
It's kind of crazy to think that eggs and cream cheese can become lovely little slices of round bread, but it can!
The process is a little labour intensive and you need to make sure your mixture is right. But I tried and succeeded on the first time, so it's not a very hard recipe. 

I added a little rosemary and salt on the top, an inspiration from another similar pin. They were light and slightly crispy and went perfect with my sandwich. I only made half a batch (incase of disaster) so I didn't get far in experimenting, but they can be used as pizza dough, sandwich bread, the options can be endless!

They however didn't hold up on the long term. I was the only one eating them, and even after proper storage after a few days they started getting gummy. I tried toasting them but it burnt - that could be the fault of my toaster though. 
So if you're looking for an awesome low everything way to replace bread, this could be your answer!

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