Monday, January 26, 2015

DIY Yarn Balls - Win

I have a lot of yarn. A lot! Well, maybe not a lot to some knitters and crocheters, but for me it's a lot. For Christmas my husband bought me this awesome yarn bag that's big enough for all my yarn AND my projects. Plus it's nice looking too!

So with all my projects over the last few months, I had a lot of remnant yarn sitting around making a mess. So I went to Pinterest and found a way to solve my yarn mess problem.

DIY Yarn Balls!

The method is simple. It suggests using a paper towel roll tube, placing about 6 inches of yarn into the tube, and wrap the yarn around the tube. Now the first time I tried this I did use a paper towel tube and after one yarn ball it was all crushed. Not sure if it was me and I was wrapping to tightly, but it pretty much made it unusable. However, I had conveniently finished a roll of aluminum foil, which has a much smaller but also much stronger tube. That is now my yarn ball tube. I've used it many times and it's still holding up. It's nice too because if you have only a small amount of yarn you can make a tiny yarn ball. So if you're looking to reuse your yarn ball tube, look into something stronger like one from a roll of aluminum foil. Paper towel rolls are great, but you might only get one or two uses out of them. I keep mine in my bag with all my yarn. I did say it was a big bag!

This works up really fast. You can do a large amount of yarn in under 30 minutes. Unless, like me, you have a bunch of yarn at the bottom of your bag that looks like you tried to do cats cradle while on LSD. Then it'll take a couple hours. But it's the perfect mindless activity while watching TV if you're not actually up to crocheting or knitting.

Below is the results of a few nights of work, doing one to two balls a night. As you can see some are large and some are quite small.
To use the ball, you just pull the string from the middle and start away! I've used the some of the yarn I've balled up and it comes out smoothly as you work away on your project. A definite DIY winner here!

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