Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chocolate Avocado Mousse - Chocolaty Win

I am currently eating the fruits of my labour as I post this. So good I could not wait to share!

Sorry for the hiatus - we are going through a major life overhaul. Both the Hubby and I have/are starting new jobs and Munchkin just dropped his nap. So Life has been a little nuts over here. I plan to catch up fairly soon!

So on to the Chocolate Goodness or as I will now call it "Holy Crap this is Avocado??" Mousse.
I am forever in search of a desert that will satisfy my sweet craving but not killing my slowly shrinking waist line. I actually came across this recipe here when searching for ways to get more vegetables into the Munchkin. 

Now I must say I am NOT an Avocado person. I'm not a huge fan of it, I never buy it, and the only time I have it in my house is when my California born-and-raised Mother-in-Law is in town cause she puts Avocado on everything. Apparently its a California thing. But I'm sure I'd be disowned if Munchkin never tasted an Avocado.

This recipe does NOT taste like Avocado. YAY!

with revisions

4 ripe avocados (3 were used)
1 cup agave syrup (replaced with 3/4 cup honey)
1 cup unsweetened coco powder (3/4 cups were used)
1 TBSP Vanilla Extract

Remove flesh from avocados and cut into chunks. Place all ingredients into stand up mixer or food processor (my blender worked fine) and blend until light and smooth. Chill, then serve.
This is the WHOLE RECIPE in one large bowl. Booyah!
Chill?? Haha yah right. I dare anyone who's been craving chocolate to take one lick of this out of the blender and wait for it to be chilled. 

This is a definite win recipe.
You get healthy fats from the avocado, not a whole tone of sugar but an excellent way to keep those chocolate cravings satisfied.

This recipe even with the reduction made a HUGE portion. And it's very rich - the bowl I've portioned out for myself is sitting right now cause it's almost too much. Almost ;)
It's thick but light, chocolatey, rich and down right amazing. And really does not taste like Avocado at all.


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